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At 247 Sign Builders branding and advertising company. We’ve continually and unconventionally think about advertisement that truly harness the power of all platforms and liberates the true potentials of our client’s brands. We provide creative ideas, quality design and efficient service to our valuable client. We believe branding is, like a seed, the core of a business. How you nourish is how the fruit become. We are dedicated to be the most insightful and considerate advertising agency in Ghana.

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Pylon Signages

We offer outdoor signs that are freestanding structures that can be used in many types of businesses such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships, industrial complexes, and retail locations.

Lighted Box Signage

Lighting boosts and enhances all types of signs and ensures your message is viewable day and night. We use reliable LED lights that will keep your sign working with very little maintenance.


We create shadows and dimension in your lettering. It makes a letter, word or even an entire phrase, pop right out of the page—a trick that can be extremely useful when creating commercial designs.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding gives you an instant marketing campaign on wheels. We design vehicle wraps that help your business build a following among customers who view your branded fleet wraps on a regular basis.

Souvenir Item Branding

We design branded giveawys and other promotional products have always been simple gifts: small promotional trinkets used by a company to promote a product or service. Think of them as a little souvenir that you can put on your desk to remind you of the company that gave them to you.

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